domestic goddess

Heaven knows I have never been the most feminine person. I mean, c’mon — when I was seven, I used to side with the boys and terrorize other girls with Nerf guns, and even today, I am a massive connoisseur of all things geeky and stereotypically for guys. But a few years ago, I discovered the goodness of Food Network and from then on, I became enamored with food: inhaling the aroma, savoring the flavors, drinking in its beauty, basking in its glory. Now, I am often compelled to park myself in the kitchen in hopes of developing my nascent cooking skills. So far, it’s been pretty successful — no food poisoning, no massive fires, heck even a ‘mmm’ or two. I am on the road to fulfilling my destiny as a domestic goddess. However, it (sadly) came as no surprise that when I was helping my mom cook dinner a few months ago, my mom told me that she was kind of shocked that I took to cooking so much because I was so boyish. I think she expected me to enjoy taking apart things or setting up electronics — things I happen to be horrible at.

Well, then — here’s to proving her wrong some more and hopefully, the birth of more tasty concotions!

And in an attempt to get in touch with my Chinese side, I present red bean cake/红豆饼. Yum!

I found the recipe for the crust at The Journal of a Girl who Loves to Cook and for the filling, Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit.

The dough was super simple — just flour, water, butter, and salt — but the smell of butter is always divine.

Because I was trying to use up the rest of the red bean paste left over from a previous culinary adventure, I kind of just heaped it on. A little more never hurt anybody, right?

Twenty minutes later and voila — flaky crust and not too sweet but rich and… beany. I think for my first attempt at making a crust of any kind and red bean filling, it turned out pretty well! Plus, I am now convinced that homemade paste is much tastier than the canned kind. Needless to say, my mom was happy with the results! Maybe I’m not such a bad Chinese child after all…


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  1. foods are the best…..

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