Once (and again, please!)

Simply stated, Once was magical.

Lonely vacuum-fixer-guy pours his heart and soul out while playing his guitar on the streets of Dublin. By chance, he encounters poor immigrant girl who also shares his passion for music and together, they write songs, play instruments, and make music. Beautiful, enchanting music that transports you into a sort of nostalgic haze.

What surprised me about this movie was how a large majority of this story was told through songs, and how natural it felt. It wasn’t like Grease, where the characters burst into hyperactive chorus and shimmy like there’s no tomorrow. They were more a mode of storytelling — relationships were built through these songs, the story propelled, and the emotions heightened. Another aspect that I adored about this movie was the unconventional romance that developed between Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová: quirky, honest, and (bitter)sweet.

With a fantastic soundtrack(reminds me very much of Damien Rice), Once was a quiet, sincere film that gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling in the end.


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