Randy Pausch

I had heard about this man a few months back from the many people I know who are Carnegie Mellon students and the media that had a field day with his story. I thought it was great that this man was being so optimistic and proactive in the face of death, but I didn’t quite understand why there was so much buzz about this man.

As the news of his passing was brought to my attention, I found myself reading an article about him and somehow, I found myself on Youtube, waiting for the hour-plus long video to load. And skeptically, I began to watch, thinking that I’d doze off by the 10 minute mark because let’s face it: I have the attention span of a goldfish. But, 1 hour and 17 minutes later, I found myself slightly tearing and greatly moved and inspired. I now understood why everyone loves him.

He was an ordinary man who managed to become a figure that represented unabashed optimism, self-motivation, and deep accomplishment, in (to quote Jerry Maguire) “a cynical, cynical world”. His lecture was universal, his lessons obvious but often forgotten. It felt as if he was a guidance counselor!

If you find yourself with spare time on your hands, or if you just want to feel inspiration at its best, watch his lecture. His legacy is well worth the time.


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