Five Guys Burgers

There are few things to do in New Jersey. There are strip malls — lots and lots of strip malls — and beaches, slightly terrifying drivers and miles of parkway and turnpikes. So what are twelve bored college kids to do? Hit the road and get some grub! After our White Castle fiasco four years ago (think many, many hungry high school kids, twenty crave cases, and three days of regret), fast food was definitely out of the question. One of my friends, since coming home from Pittsburgh, has been craving a burger from Five Guys and the complimentary peanuts they offer.

Five Guys is a burger chain that makes, get this, burgers and fries, and apparently, it’s won some rave reviews from critics and hungry college students alike. And boy, did this pretty mundane burger joint (in, of course, a shopping plaza) have some delicious burgers and fries that whooped fast food’s butt. Juicy, savory, and satisfying, and all the toppings you could want. Mmm. A note for visitors though — their regular burgers have two patties, their little ones have one, something I wish they put on their menu.

Their cajun fries are also pretty darn tasty — crispy, thick-cut potato wedges dredged in paprika and stuffed into a styrofoam cup. I could munch on these for hours!

My friend had led me to believe that the floors would be covered in oodles of peanut shells; that I would hear nothing but the sound of crunching. But alas, the floors were spick & span. Oh well, there was an endless amount of free peanuts so who am I to complain?

Five Guys Burgers
561 US Highway 1 # A7
Edison, NJ 08817


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