Hello. Have a haiku.

Hmm… where is Stacy?
Monkeying in the kitchen?
Or stuffing her face?

Positively stellar poetic talents: something that I obviously lack. An obsession with all things food: Yep. Yeeeesssiirreee. Got it. Check. All systems go, go, go!

I am a college student, a daughter, a raging lunatic, and, of course, avid fan of food (especially when it’s in my tumbly). When I’m not being a complete glutton, you can find me nerding out at the library, tickling my dorkish fancies, and spontaneously breaking out into medleys of Disney songs and bad 90’s pop hits. I have a tendency to make quirky facial expressions, leave a catastrophic mess wherever I go, and stay up until strange hours of the wee morning.

oh my good gravy! is my blog. Here, you’ll find food porn, and lots of its! You’ll also find a smorgasbord of other things: tasty recipes, random reviews, and my incessant prattling… and hopefully, the honing of my photography and editing skills.

I’d love to here from you: email me at ohmygoodgravy at gmail dot com or follow my twitter.


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