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Fruit Tart

What I love about summer is the over-abundance of fruit – gloriously sweet, deliriously delicious fruit. A trip to the farmer’s markets turns into a trip to the candy store with aisles of bright colored produce, and of course, I revert back into my five-year old self, squealing with glee as I run up and down the aisles and grab everything I can get my grubby paws on. My over-excitement often translates into overbuying fruit, which is bad most of the time. But if a fruit tart is on the menu, it’s a beautiful bad habit to have.

First thing’s first – you need to make the sweet tart dough and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Once that’s ready to go, roll it out into your trusty tart pan and then freeze it for at least 30 minutes (needless to say, the longer, the better!). Bake it off, make some vanilla pastry cream, throw on a few pounds of fruit and voi la! Instant fruit tart! (Okay… so maybe it’s not that simple…)

Decorating the fruit tart is like making that macaroni picture frame from second grade.

Prettifying with a little smackling of glaze.

Hello, wondrous tart of goodness.

I cannot wait until you get in my belly.

Rich, buttery crush. Smooth, decadent vanilla cream. Fresh and sweet but slightly tart berries. In one bite? Yes, please.
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honey wheat bread

Carbohydrates. The mere sound of this word makes me feel warm and tingly inside. My eyes dart around the room looking for this delicious item, my mouth watering in anticipation. I’m a fiend for carbs, an addict for its soft and chewy texture, a worshipper of its perfection. One of the only things that can make bread any better is when it’s fresh from the oven. That and a generous slathering of butter.

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here, chickee chickee!

After a ten month hiatus, I have clawed my way out of the cave and ventured back into the world of blogging. During these long months of inactivity, I’ve managed to study abroad in China, lose two twonails from a bad pair of heels, pull more almost all-nighters than I care to remember, and shake (Sir? Lord? Duke? Master?) Anthony Bourdain’s glorious hand. I’ve been a busy bee, you see.

This semester, I’ve been holed up in an apartment-style suite, complete with a delightfully crusty stove and oven in the kitchen. Having access to a kitchen was probably bad for my food addiction, especially when I decided I wanted to start roasting things. And roast, I did. Asparagus, potatoes, onions — if it sprouted naturally from the ground, I’ve probably nuked it in the oven. One thing that I didn’t get to roast, however, was a whole chicken, something that’s so simple, hearty and delicious. Something that I had absolutely no clue as to where to start. After coming home and stumbling upon 2 cornish hens in my freezer (why my mom had cornish hens in the freezer, I’ll never know) and some sleuthing on the internet, I found a bunch if recipes that I thought would be fun to try.

But of course, when I decided to roast the hens, I ended up not following any of the recipes because a.) I didn’t have half of the ingredients on hand and b.) I’m pretty horrible with exact measurements (unless it has to do with baking, but even then…) Luckily, this little experiment of mine turned out a-okay. Keep in mind that these measurements are rough estimates and that this was my first attempt at flavoring a chicken — definitely a work in progress.

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domestic goddess

Heaven knows I have never been the most feminine person. I mean, c’mon — when I was seven, I used to side with the boys and terrorize other girls with Nerf guns, and even today, I am a massive connoisseur of all things geeky and stereotypically for guys. But a few years ago, I discovered the goodness of Food Network and from then on, I became enamored with food: inhaling the aroma, savoring the flavors, drinking in its beauty, basking in its glory. Now, I am often compelled to park myself in the kitchen in hopes of developing my nascent cooking skills. So far, it’s been pretty successful — no food poisoning, no massive fires, heck even a ‘mmm’ or two. I am on the road to fulfilling my destiny as a domestic goddess. However, it (sadly) came as no surprise that when I was helping my mom cook dinner a few months ago, my mom told me that she was kind of shocked that I took to cooking so much because I was so boyish. I think she expected me to enjoy taking apart things or setting up electronics — things I happen to be horrible at.

Well, then — here’s to proving her wrong some more and hopefully, the birth of more tasty concotions!

And in an attempt to get in touch with my Chinese side, I present red bean cake/红豆饼. Yum!

I found the recipe for the crust at The Journal of a Girl who Loves to Cook and for the filling, Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit.

The dough was super simple — just flour, water, butter, and salt — but the smell of butter is always divine.

Because I was trying to use up the rest of the red bean paste left over from a previous culinary adventure, I kind of just heaped it on. A little more never hurt anybody, right?

Twenty minutes later and voila — flaky crust and not too sweet but rich and… beany. I think for my first attempt at making a crust of any kind and red bean filling, it turned out pretty well! Plus, I am now convinced that homemade paste is much tastier than the canned kind. Needless to say, my mom was happy with the results! Maybe I’m not such a bad Chinese child after all…